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The Company & Your Role:

Our company, which is family owned and operated, is the largest tire wholesaler in Southern California. Our competitive pricing, same day or next day delivery service at no extra charge, as well as our commitment to our customer’s,  has caused us to become a highly regarded service model within the industry as we make deliveries twice each day. We care seeking to expand our reach into other cities and states.

We are currently looking for a Branch Operations Supervisor. The perfect candidate will be a highly responsible individual who understands that they will have direct supervision over a specific team of warehouse operators. Tasks and responsibilities for this job are multi-faceted and include:

  • Overseeing the Correct Loading of both AM and PM Delivery Trucks- This will include assigning routes, reviewing schedules, and ensuring drivers leave on schedule.

  • Oversee the Proper Scanning and Organization of Receiving Containers

  • Manage Schedules, Tasks, and Create Direct Reports- This task also includes the maintenance of employee timecards and monitor employee attendance.

  • Assign Employees to Create and Manage Bins for Incoming Shipments

  • Utilizing WISE to Monitor Direct Reports- This includes completing employee counseling forms to address employee issues and conduct.

  • Promote and Aid Staff Meetings/Training

  • Monitor Staff to Ensure a Smooth Workflow and Address Policy or Safety Violations

  • Confirm Daily Tasks are Completed Before End of Shift

  • Report WISE Inventory Errors or Inventory Discrepancies Promptly

  • Offer WISE Support to Warehouse Operators as Required

  • Manage Facility Security via Alarm System- This will include monitoring the disarming and rearming of dock doors.

  • Follow All Safety Procedures Set by the Company and/or OSHA

  • General Housekeeping

Our ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3 years experience in warehouse operations, with tire experience preferred. You must have a high school diploma or GED.

Your previous experience will enable you to set an example for all staff members. The right candidate understands that their character, demeanor, commitment, work habits, and organizational skills are constantly on display and influence their team members. An upbeat and positive attitude will motivate your staff to maintain both an efficient and effective warehouse, as well as sponsor a feeling of teamwork.  

Your previous experience means you have basic skills such as:

  • Read, interpret, and analyze basic documents, such as safety rules and procedure manuals

  • Create reports using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other similar programs

  • Be familiar with Enterprise software and warehouse management systems

  • Have basic math skills, including addition, subtraction, fractions, create rate, ratios, and percentages, as well as draw and interpret bar graphs

The candidate we are looking for understands the importance both of working as an individual or as a part of a team. Past employers should describe you as “easy to get along with.” You have great interpersonal skills which allow you to work with, speak to, and interact with a variety of individuals from various backgrounds. You love to motivate people to do their best and strive for constant improvement.

As a supervisor, our chosen candidate understands the importance of confidentiality. You will have the confidence to delegate authority without abusing those under your supervision. Our chosen candidate will maintain accountability, both for themselves and their team while directing and inspiring others to perform better in the future.

This position does require physical demands, including:

  • Repetitive motion(s)

  • Rising, sitting, and walking

  • The ability to move or lift 50 lbs from the floor to waist level

  • The ability to move or lift up to 125 lbs with the assistance of a teammate or lifting tool

  • The ability to tolerate moderate noise levels including common office equipment noises such as computers, printers, copy machines, and walkie-talkie noise

Your position in the warehouse means that you will be expected to work near moving parts and equipment, occasionally exposed to the risk of electrical shock, and exposure to the strong smell of rubber while walking through the warehouse.

If you are eager to start a career with a progressive company that values your skills, we encourage you to apply today. We generously offer the following to our employees:

Benefits + Features:

  • Health Insurance

  • Vision Insurance

  • Dental Insurance

  • 401K matching

  • Paid Vacation

  • Holidays


The Los Angeles Metro area is home to some 18 million people, which must mean it has a lot going for it for so many people to call it home. With its very diverse ethnic population, you will find an endless assortment of food to explore and enjoy. There are historic homes, hilltop mansions, and insanely beautiful beach front homes. Casual is perhaps the best word to describe Los Angeles, where it seems like every day is Casual Friday! Residents are often into health and fitness, with a gym on every corner it seems. Traffic is a problem especially in downtown areas at rush hour, but the city is creating new subways (called MetroRail) and alternative means of transportation every year (Bird Scooter, anyone?) Perfect weather year round, entertainment galore, high fashion with laid back attitudes? No wonder so many people call Los Angeles home!

Background Profile:

  • 3 Years of Warehouse Experience

  • Excellent Communication Skills (Written and Oral)

  • Good Team Building Skills

  • The Ability to Follow Through (Tasks, Directions, Obligations)

  • Excellent Organization Skills

  • Prior Distribution Experience a Plus

  • Tire Experience Preferred

Travel Expectations:

  • Required Travel: None



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