Tire Engineering Manager

You’re an accomplished professional with recent hands-on tire design experience. You’ve successfully overseen the tire development process using different software solutions. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering you’ve worked on multiple tire design projects and have provided guidance to direct reports, your counterparts, and customers to make key contributions to the continual growth of a tire development program.

Technical Sales Solutions Engineer

With a B.S. degree in Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Industrial, or Systems Engineering, you are a rubber expert and have experience with supplier machinery. You’ve worked in one of the manufacturing departments and can make things happen in a chaotic environment. You have hands-on experience in implementing new machinery and are very technical.

Tire Compound Engineer

You’ve developed and maintained compound recipes for different components. You’ve observed all related processes and created tire cure specifications. You’ve earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and are proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.

Senior Controls Engineer

You have an expert level knowledge of safety systems, automation technology, controls architecture, PLC design, development, implementing, and troubleshooting manufacturing equipment to increase productivity and quality. You are able to estimate and control projects, schedules, and costs to insure timely installation and cost-effectiveness.

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