002: Rick Wheeler from Kumho Tires

EP 2

Interview with Rick Wheeler

Divisional Sales Director at Kumho Tires

Rick started his career with an accounting degree and the purchase of a tire shop right out of college.  Through his career, Rick has worked with Goodyear, Michelin, and Kumho Tires in various roles.  He attributes his success to continual learning and improving his skill in the industry.

Rick goes on to discuss the hiring standpoints and differences between working in the wholesale and manufacturing sects of the tire industry while giving advice that candidates will need to learn in order to achieve success.  Rick also discusses the pros and cons of working in larger and smaller operations and shares the qualities, based on his experience, that leads to successful sales.

Finally, Rick answers a listener’s questions about resumes, and explains his opinion on using a resume as a tool and conversation starter to ask the right questions to candidates. 

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