003: Jack MacDonald from JPM Talent Development Advisors

EP 3

Interview with Jack MacDonald

Principal Advisor at JPM Talent Development Advisors

Join host Mike Cioffi as he chats with Jack MacDonald, an Industry Executive with over twenty years of experience, including work at Sears and Pep Boys. Jack is now Principal Advisor at JPM Talent Development Advisors, and his message, “It’s not about the rubber, it’s about the people” still rings true today. 

In this interview, Jack draws on his experience as the VP of Training and Organizational Development with Pep Boys to share common mistakes in the candidate-short market of the tire industry, and tactics that help recruiters find experienced technicians. Jack’s suggestions help build loyalty and personal growth in employees.

Also in the interview, Mike and Jack explore the benefits of mentorship in a tire shop, and explain that a good boss recognizes an employee’s readiness to learn more, not just in the tire industry, but across any industry. 

Jack MacDonald can be reached at Jack@jpmjr.com

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