005: Ed Koczan from Sentury Tire

EP 5

Interview with Edward Koczan

Director of Sales at Sentury Tire North America

Join host Mike Cioffi as he chats with a man of wisdom, Edward Koczan.  Ed is the Director of Sales at Sentury Tire North America and has over 12 years of experience from his early retail days to his current position covering the Midwest/Great Lakes region.

In this episode, Mike and Ed touch on topics of social platform tools like LinkedIn that can be used to give candidates an edge when job hunting for a multitude of tire industry jobs. Ed reminds listeners of the importance of keeping profiles updated and utilizing this technology to build relationships, an important factor in the tire industry.

Ed also has exclusive tips that candidates will want to hear to give themselves an advantage when applying and interviewing for various jobs. Learn Ed’s secret recipe to get a supervisor’s attention and get hired, as well as his two most important pieces of advice that will benefit any candidate. 

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