006: Clif Armstrong from Marangoni Tread North America

EP 6

Interview with Clif Armstrong

VP of Business Development at Marangoni Tread North America

Join host Mike Cioffi as he chats with Clif Armstrong. Clif is the VP of Business Development at Marangoni Tread North America, and has spent a lifetime in the tire industry. Clif’s father was in the tire business, and Clif has spent 34 years in the tire business himself. 

In the interview, Mike and Clif discuss the attractions of the tire industry that draws in candidates. Clif observes the multiple levels of involvement, as well as the challenges in marketing, operations and logistics. Clif explains that the tire business is solid, rewarding, and a relationship-driven people business that can lead to a high level of personal fulfilment. 

For candidates with a strong desire to travel, the tire industry may be a great option, as candidates can “ask for the keys” and climb the ladder to the next level of involvement.

Mike and Clif turn the discussion to hiring processes, and Clif explains his experience of using a full day of assessment with applicants to learn more about them on a deeper level. Clif gives many tips of getting through interview processes for candidates with the right attitude. He also discusses personality traits to look for in candidates from a recruiting perspective to find the right people for the job. Clif explains the tough decisions that come with the territory, and how to let a candidate know that they weren’t selected in a respectful and empathetic manner that gives positive feedback.

The heart of this interview between Mike and Clif is the fact that the tire industry is about relationship, taking care of people, and welcoming problem-solving candidates interested in great careers and great upward mobility opportunities. 

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