007: Scott Sloan from Titan International

EP 7

Interview with Scott Sloan

Ag Product Manager at Titan International

Join host Mike Cioffi as he chats with Scott Sloan. Scott is the Ag Product Manager at Titan International and has 27 years of experience on the engineering side of the tire industry, including process engineering, R&D and management.

Mike and Scott discuss the challenges faced today in the tire industry, from attracting candidates to training and seasoning employees to stay in the job. With the challenges of finding new talent, there is a lot of opportunity for candidates who can understand the broad range of processes and materials, so candidates with a willingness to work and spend five to ten years are highly sought after. Scott tells of the blend of old-school and new-school, and gives suggestions for keeping younger engineers in the job.

Finally, Scott gives tips to candidates with fewer than five years of experience who are interested in entering the tire industry. According to Scott, willingness to learn and getting involved will result in success. Scott invites candidates to reach out to tire companies, including Titan, to be aggressive and proactive, and to think outside of their discipline and keep an eye on the end product - tires fit for agricultural use. 

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