009: Stephen Lyons from Monro Muffler Brake

EP 9

Interview with Stephen Lyons

Director of Training at Monro Muffler Brake

Join host Mike Cioffi as he chats with Stephen Lyons. Stephen is the Director Of Training at Monro Muffler Brake and has been in the automotive industry for 15 years.  Hear how he handles training with more than 8,000 corporate employees and what is most important part about it.

Stephen discusses the importance of corporate training as it helps to align the goals of the organization; from managers down to general service. The company has corporate overall strategy that aligns with every position. He says that the engagement with the employees through the entire process is crucial, as well as following the team and the growth process even though it can be out of the company.

They also discuss the importance of trust and confidence of a customer, which can be hard to build, yet it is not impossible for someone who has a strong technical background, even if they have not been in the tire industry before.

Stephen shares that leadership is important and it is the reason why new employees manage to do well and some may fizzle out quickly.

According to Stephen the tire industry will have the need for special training, and become ready for the evolution of the industry. He also appreciates the importance of innovations. He suggests that smaller companies using automotive webinars to do training as well

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