Welcome to TAP

TAP [Talent Agent Program™] was created from the idea of having a "recruiter in your back pocket." As a candidate, you have questions, you want answers, and you need guidance. Unfortunately, most application processes result in an endless black-hole of submitting resumes and never getting a response. Even if you're lucky enough to have found a recruiter, often the communication is lacking.

We envisioned a program where you have your own personal Talent Agent. Your Talent Agent is your go-to person if you’re looking for a new job, interested in a listing on our job board, or just need to chat with someone who specializes in the talent acquisition space. The Talent Agent is your long-term career partner and will be there to assist you in every step of your professional journey!


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Exclusive Access

Invite-only program. Candidates are hand-picked by our Talent Agents and get to experience a level of service unseen in the industry.

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Personal recruiter. Your Talent Agent is part recruiter, part coach, and part sourcing ninja! Your Agent is there to help you along your professional journey.

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100% Free

Yes, we said free. No membership or sign up fees. No hidden costs after joining. We're here to help you make money, not take money from you.

More Exclusive TAP Benefits

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Your Talent Agent will check-in with you every 90 days, or sooner if necessary.

Your personal talent agent is just a phone call, text, or email away.


Your Talent Agent will actively be looking for opportunities that fit your skill-set + needs. 

They will reach out immediately if they find a match.


Your Talent Agent will keep you informed on any developments / trends that could impact on your career trajectory.

Stay up to date with the latest industry news.

Every rockstar has a great agent who’s behind the scenes lining up gigs and setting the stage for success. We don't want to be your recruiter - we want to be your agent, and we'll work our asses off to set the stage for you to be successful in your career.

Let us TAP into your potential today.

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This is an invite-only program, contact your Tire Talent rep today to find out more!