Setting Goals for Success in 2019

It can be amazing how quickly time flies as we’re already looking at Q3 with the 2018 SEMA Show right around the corner! I just booked my flight and hotel prior to writing this and hope to see everyone there! With that in mind, our annual targets are also in sight. Most companies have already made their 2019 goals. What are you doing today to plan for a head start in 2019?

If you’re hoping to reach your annual projections for this year and next, you have to make sure you have developed weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals. Are you able to quickly diagnose if you aren’t hitting these goals?

Does your salesforce have a proper CRM in place that tracks basic metrics? The devil is in the details as they say, and the numbers generally tell the story. In this short article, I will discuss goal setting and how it should align with employees within the firm.

An interval goal system is especially important in industries with a talent shortage as the tire industry is experiencing. Retaining your talent is imperative when trying to reach annual goals. With ongoing shortages of tire industry talent, businesses in this field need to focus their goals and actively strive to reach them. To get you started, we’ve got some tips for creating focused goals and reaching them.

Setting the Right Goal for Your Tire Industry Business

In the tire industry, setting the right goal can make the difference between success and failure. If you set too big of a goal, your team will always feel disappointed. Set a goal that is too vague and you won’t be able to properly manage your success. Set one too small and your team has nothing to strive for. I currently see some of our clients set 20% growth goals for their salesforce. For some regions and companies, double-digit growth is certainly attainable. However, I see all too often some companies, including top 10 manufacturers, set unrealistic goals for their salesforce with minimal underlying tactics to execute on them.  

The key is to create a focused goal and go back to basics. How do you create a focused goal? Ask the following questions:


Seems a little too simple, doesn’t it? This question will really help you focus and fire up your entire team. Our mission at Tire Talent is to align with the industry and be a resource throughout someone’s careers. What is your company’s mission and does the daily activity on your team measure up to that during their daily activities?

Look at your mission statement for guidance. If you don’t have a mission statement, create one now. Your team and organizations’ tactics and daily grind should align with it. It will help remind you and your employees of the importance of what you do. It will also let clients and customers know what your focus is and what to expect from your team.

Goals that are based on the dreams and inspirations of employers and employees ignite a passion for the job in your entire dream. They’ll be more excited about their jobs and that will translate to great customer service that advertises the dreams of your business.


Discuss possible goals with employees. This will not only give you some insight into the daily operations and struggles of your company, it will also involve employees in the process of success. Employees will become more invested and more passionate about their work. This will not only attract more clients it will also attract and retain great internal talent.


Before you set any goals, you need to have the right information. Make sure you are aware of manufacturing trends, supply trends and demands for your service or product. If your market is similar to RMA and your growth goal is 5X it, is it realistic to set this goal for your employees? It may be, but please challenge yourself to check out industry trends as a benchmark.


When you start to develop your goals, make sure you follow these easy guidelines:

  • Detailed Specifics - Make your goal concrete and very detailed. Don’t be vague or randomly pick a number. Use facts and strategies to choose the right-end result for each period-of-time: weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.
  • Make Sure It’s Measurable - Put a numerical value to your goal. You can use percentages, dollar amounts, or values.
  • Include Steps to Reach Your Goal - Decide on a plan of action that will help you and your team realistically reach the goal. Include steps for each position and each stage of your goal.
  • Set Realistic Goals - While dreaming big is important, you have to set realistic and reachable goals to avoid burnout and/or failure. The goals should be challenging, but also something your team can reach with focus and determination.
  • Set Timelines - Give each goal a deadline and make sure that there are rewards and positive outcomes for reaching the goal.


Sometimes all that is needed to reach your goals is to reconfigure your team or find one or two new hires that reignite the passion in your workforce.

Take a good look at your team, get to know their strengths and weaknesses. Put people in leadership roles who have creativity and an ability to roll with the changes. Make sure each team member is in a position that plays to their strengths and helps the team improve. Also, if you’re looking to grow your company or business, you’ll need to fill your roster.

Future Success for Crushing Goals Depends on Careful Planning

Your company can beat the talent shortage and upcoming challenges when you plan ahead. Inspire your team with a focused goal for the year. Use realistic goals set at different intervals throughout the year, one for each week, one for each quarter, and one for the year. Then make sure you have the best team working for you in the roles that they thrive in.

Want to take your team to the next level and crush those goals? Contact Tire Talent today and we'll help you get there.