Tire Talent Launches Innovative New Program for Job Seekers

Not your average search firm.

Our company is a different type of search firm, specializing in connecting qualified job seekers with businesses that are searching for well-vetted job candidates. Since we are a hyper-niche agency, we can focus 100% on the tire industry and not spend your valuable time with candidates who don’t meet your requirements or businesses outside the scope of a job seekers skill-set.

Today we are announcing an exciting and innovative program for applicants who are tired of submitting endless resumes with no response or hiring headhunters who are distracted by their overwhelming pipeline of clients.

Tire Talent announces TAP | Talent Agent Program™

When you join TAP (free of charge we might add), you will be partnered with your own personal Talent Agent, who specializes in your field of work. No matter what your need might be; a new job search, an interest in one of the listings on our job board, or even just talking about possible career choices, your Talent Agent is someone you can count on to steer you in the right direction.

Even the smallest names in the entertainment industry have talent agents, whether they are authors, actors, or musicians, why shouldn’t you? We aren’t about building huge databases to draw on “sometime” in the future, we want to build relationships and communities by meeting the needs of both candidate and client.

Your Talent Agent is someone who:

  • You can count on, even in your long-term career plans

  • Will assist you in every possible way; with searches, advice, or career goals

  • Specializes in your industry, so they understand your needs

  • Can answer your questions or help you find answers

  • Will actively promote your application/resume

Mike Cioffi, the founder of Tire Talent, has created partnerships with numerous companies in your field of work; everyone from Top 10 global manufacturing companies to independent retailers, which means you will have an exclusive shot at finding the perfect position for your career goals, whatever they might be.

Let your Talent Agent at Tire Talent become a partner in your career journey by becoming a part of our growing community today. Remember that, in the hiring process, perception is a large part of the process. Having your own Talent Agent will offer the impression that, as a part of a larger network, you are someone whose resume should be taken seriously.