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Candidate Testimonials

We don’t believe in matching candidates with just another job. We believe in pairing candidates with lifelong careers.


We work with some of the best and brightest candidates on the planet, and we make it our mission to find them organizations that make sense and fit their skillsets. We take time to get to know each candidate that works with us, and vet our corporate partners to ensure every placement brings value to all parties.


“The opportunity I wound up taking was presented to me within 24 hours. I can’t imagine a better service in any industry like yours. I am forever grateful for that. The professionalism is bar none one of the best— through interview coaching, through the overall process you were extremely clear about what would happen next. It almost seemed like you were coaching both parties which created a great relationship in the end.”

Jeremy Guy
Director of Sales




“Like all career changes or job hunting efforts, you find yourself part of the sea of many other people looking. One of the things Tire Talent did was took my talents and magnify them. They were able to, byway of the knowledge they had of employers that were looking for certain types of recruits, match my talents with what they were looking for. It was very effective, professional search method.

Rachel’s follow up, intuitiveness, and dogged nature seemed as if she was keeping me on the front burner of ‘Things To Do’ and had my best interests at heart the whole time. Again, because of Tire Talents focus and knowledge in the tire industry, they knew what it was I was looking for and that was refreshing and professional in nature the way they do business.”

Mike Zayatz
North East US Territory Account Manager



“The Tire Talent group is a working team environment where they are actively keeping the candidates they’re in contact with in the loop. It’s a true partnership between their organization and the candidate. In the past, LinkedIn is a good location to identify opportunities and networking from your past experiences. The huge uptick with Tire Talent, is that they are not searching for an opportunity— they are searching for the right opportunity.

The communication piece was a great thing throughout the process. When Tire Talent would receive information from the employer, they were very proactive on providing that information and feedback. The communication was excellent, everything that was setup was on-time and executed accurately.”

David Miller
MidWest TBR, Farm & AG Regional Sales Manager



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