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Every Rockstar has a great agent who’s behind the scenes lining up gigs and setting the stage for success. We don’t want to be your recruiter – we want to be your agent, and we’ll work our tails off to set the stage for you to be successful in your career.

We aren’t in the game of placing a person with a company and then disappearing to never be heard from again. Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with you. We’re specialists in tires, not generalists – so you can rest assured that we actually know what the heck we’re talking about. You entrust your money with a financial advisor and we want you to entrust your career search with Tire Talent.




We focus on building thriving communities that consistently deliver real value, for free, to our community members.


Talent Agents

We exist to help you on your journey to a successful career in tires like commercial tire sales jobs & more. Our goal is to become your long-term career partner.


Vetting Process

We’ve established a rigorous 3-step vetting process that consistently matches high-quality candidates to our client’s needs, so we don’t waste your time on jobs that aren’t a fit for you!

Our Difference

Candidates love us. Clients trust us.

Our clients partner with us because of our rigorous candidate vetting process. This process benefits both the candidate and the client, and ensures we connect you with the right opportunities.

The Candidate Process

  1. You review the Job Description
  2. You complete a candidate questionnaire
  3. You and a Tire Talent team member schedule a call to to review your experience and qualifications
  4. The internal Tire Talent team reviews your complete candidate package and makes a recommendation for submission to our client
  5. If our team recommends you, we’ll submit you to our client for consideration


And stay up to date on all new jobs as we get them!


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