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Client Testimonials

We exist to match the right people with the right brands across the world. We measure our success, by yours.


At Tire Talent, people come first, and our clients keep our lights on. Stellar service and incredible candidates are par for the course when you partner with us, because we don’t know anything else.

We don’t just treat our clients the way we’d want to be treated. We truly treat them like family, and try our hardest to provide incredible value throughout the lifetime of our partnerships.


“Overall the process flowed very smoothly and efficiently. The response time, in terms of follow up, was prompt and it was very user friendly. My favorite part of the service, from my perspective as the hiring manager, was the quality of the candidates that we had to choose from was very good. The pre-qualification service was good as well. I felt like we were focused on candidates that were qualified and had the requisite experience and tools that we were looking for.

We didn’t have to spend a lot of time sorting through several candidates to find people that were qualified. I think the pre-qualification work that’s done upfront by Tire Talent is very good and helpful— it’s a time saver. It just makes the whole recruiting and hiring process flow very quickly and efficiently. As a hiring manager, it saves you time in terms of identifying and sorting through the best quality candidates for the position.”

Mike Blackburn
Director of Sales



“One of the main things that stood out was the connections within the industry that Tire Talent brought to the table. It was clear they were connected, they know the key players, they work with the stakeholders, and they have built those relationships over time which became very valuable in our search process.

The relationships that Tire Talent builds with us in the industry is really vital. They bring a personal touch and all the conversations are terrific. It really feels like a business partnership. Tire Talent is an organization you can certainly rely on and talk to about the true issues within the industry in bringing on talent.”

Mike Turturice
Director of Human Resources



“Tire Talent was referred to me by Pirelli’s main Human Resource department. Mike knows the tire business which is key to our success. We tried 2 roles to start with Tire Talent and it was very fast. The process was seamless which benefited our candidates and us. We are working with another recruiting firm that is a general company on similar positions, but doesn’t know the tire industry. They are struggling to fill our roles because our industry is so complex.

We wasted no time with candidates. I am very happy the process is very efficient and very fast.”

Aleksandar Gramatikov
Prometeon/Pirelli Tire



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