National Director of Installation

You have multi-faceted experience in the tire industry which has given you an 180° perspective of sales and installations. You have planned and led operational change projects, proving your ability to expand a network of partners and customers. You have experience as a multiple business unit and team leader, and experience at the manufacturer, dealer, and retail levels. You’re a clear communicator and can present ideas and results ideas to colleagues from the executive the customer service direct level. You have earned a 4-year degree from an accredited institution in Business or a related discipline, and you have more than 10 years of hands-on work experience.

Technical Service Associate

You are familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures of quality monitoring in the tire industry. You have planned and accomplished goals. You take initiative, are creative, self-disciplined, and possess great analytical skills. You can easily interpret different technical aspects of product use, have great troubleshooting skills, and experience with processing claims.

Vice President of Commercial Tire

With diverse knowledge in the commercial tire and trucking industries, you have been able to successfully lead sales, operations, and service departments across multiple locations throughout your career. Among your peers, you stand out due to your dedication, ability to think at macro and micro levels, and putting customer experience first.

You are humble, hard-working, and an expert in the industry. You enjoy working in a close knit environment where teamwork breeds opportunity.

Senior Product Intelligence Manager

You are an expert when it comes to the tire industry and in fact LOVE tires. If there’s a question about data, tread patterns, USTMA imports, product screens, and positioning, you're the person to ask. Your knowledge has helped to center all kinds of projects from product planning, cataloging, forecasting, pricing and program development. As a tire product and market intelligence guru, you are comfortable with working with multi-faceted departments such as the executive team, analytics, marketing, and sales. You enjoy working in a close-knit corporate environment and have a Bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university.

Corporate Relationships Manager

You have sales and customer relationship experience from the manufacturer point of view. You understand the inner workings of a tire manufacturing company and understand how products are made, priced, and marketed. You’re also familiar with the different layers of distribution and supply chain programs within the tire industry in the US market.

You enjoy working in a team environment in an office setting. You have attention to detail and enjoy taking care of all the things, small and large, that are the glue to putting together the bigger picture. You have spent at least 2 years working with a tire manufacturer, are computer savvy, and have earned a 4-year degree in sales, marketing business, or in a related field.

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