004: Mike Blackburn from Kumho Tire

EP 4

Interview with Mike Blackburn

Division Sales Director at Kumho Tire, USA

Join host Mike Cioffi as he chats with 30 year tire industry veteran, Mike Blackburn. Mike is the Division Sales Director at Kumho Tire, USA. and has experience with Goodyear, Michelin, Purcell, and Tire Centers, LLC in independent, retail, wholesale and commercial roles.

Mike shares his experiences of what he looks for in candidates, and discusses the importance of passion and work ethic for success in the tire industry. Mike also considers a candidate‚Äôs experiences in previous projects, and addresses how those experiences have resulted in outcomes that are beneficial for tire industry work. For candidates new to the tire industry, Mike gives valuable tips to help with better interview and job performance. 

In closing, Mike answers the ongoing question of whether resumes are still needed to get a job in the tire industry and shares his opinion of how resumes should be used, if at all.

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