Are Veterans Being Considered in Your Hiring Pipeline?

What if I told you that there are tens-of-thousands of candidates with the following attributes:

● Mature beyond their years

● Will never complain

● Are learning agile

● Don’t care how sexy their industry is, they just care about winning

● Understand technology

● Have led large teams

● Have been responsible for tens-of-millions of dollars worth of equipment

● Have worked in teams in high-pressure environments

● Have received both formal and informal education

● Resilient and will never quit


What type of candidate possesses these attributes?

Transitioning Veterans.

These men and women leave the military with all of the soft-skills and many of the hard-skills that you look for in a new hire. This isn’t a patriotic plug to hire veterans. Do a Google search for Fortune 500 companies that are raving about their success stories from hiring veterans.

Why do so many veterans become CEOs or founders of companies? Because they have invaluable experience.

Why do so many companies in the tire industry struggle to hire vets? Because they are overlooked as non-qualified or companies don’t see transferable skill sets.

To be honest, most veterans that we have worked with don’t need much training; they are used to being given broad guidance and running with it. We need to open our eyes to this new space.

We are not saying that you should look at every veteran as a potential employee, we're saying that you should look at the right ones, and vet them correctly. All employees, including veterans, should “tryout” for the job, just like players tryout for NFL teams. Veterans are used to tryouts, as the military puts candidates through rigorous tryouts for virtually every important job.

Have you ever seen a Navy Admiral writing articles about the talent gap in the Navy SEAL community? No, of course not, because they heavily vet their employees before hiring them...and you should too.