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Understanding Talent Acquisition from the Industrial Recruiting Experts
Industrial Talent Acquisition

As an owner or manager of an industrial company, there are many moving parts to oversee on any given day. This makes it difficult to take time away from your standard responsibilities and engage in the hunt for a new employee.

Tire Talent is a boutique talent acquisition firm specializing in companies within the farm, truck, tire, auto, rubber, OTR, and plastic industries. We work closely with our clients to develop a clear strategy for employee search and hiring, customized to your business and the key attributes you require.

Here, we will discuss in more detail what the talent acquisition process entails, and how you can minimize the impact of this search on staff and resources. Here’s what you should know.

Industrial Recruitment Talent Acquisition Overview

Setting a Focused Budget

Hiring a new team member is expensive. From taking the time away from other tasks to perform the initial search to setting aside scheduled days for interviews, it’s important to set a budget so you know how much you’re willing to invest in this process. Some of the areas you’ll spend on include:

  • Sending ads for job vacancies to job sites.
  • Scheduling time to vet potential candidates.
  • Paying somebody to train new employees.
  • Paying new employees while they are trained but not yet contributing to your workflow.

Find the Candidate that is Perfect for Your Role

During talent acquisition, being as detailed as possible in the role you are trying to fill is crucial to the success of the hiring process. You want to find a candidate who is perfect for the role you are filling, not just a potential employee who checks some of the boxes in terms of professionalism and life experience.

The key to successful talent recruitment is long-term potential. It doesn’t help an industrial company to hire a new employee if that employee only lasts 6-months to a year. Filling rolls with long-term employees means fewer re-hires, fires, and less money spent on future hiring and training.

Partner with a Recruiting Agency that Knows Your Industry 

Working with a professional recruitment agency prevents industrial businesses from losing time and money on talent acquisition. However, it’s essential that when selecting a talent company, you choose a team that is familiar with your industry and what it entails.

Not every applicant who has worked a forklift or maintained an assembly line understands what it takes to work within a specific field. We vet candidates who meet essential requirements for the tasks and tools they would be using within the role you’re trying to fill.

There are thousands of recruitment agencies out there to help businesses fill roles, supply temp placement, or headhunt. This isn’t helpful if the agency doesn’t know the exact certification, education, apprenticeship and training needed for your company.

How to Fulfill a Recruiting Position for an Industrial Company with More than Just a Candidate

Recruiting is about more than just finding a candidate who could potentially do the work required of them. At Tire Talent, we tell our clients we’re in it for the long haul, meaning we don’t just give you a name and disappear, we’re here for the entire process and afterward if help is needed.

Some of the ways we ensure our clients are satisfied with our recruiting services are:

Using a Thorough Vetting Process

As we touched on above, the vetting process requires a thorough knowledge of the industry being recruited for. We are also extremely selective about the candidates we choose. We look for longevity, certification, experience, and personality among the attributes of each candidate.

We’re Not Happy Until the Employer is Satisfied

It’s so important to us that you receive a qualified candidate who works well with your team. We don’t stand on partial hires that make it through the initial interview but don’t match with your company morals or values. We ensure that every employer is matched with talent who checks all your boxes and then some.

Quality of Quantity of Candidates in Hopes to Hire and Retain Top Talent

A successful talent acquisition company should seek out the number of employees required but still focus mainly on quality. It’s all fine and good to meet numbers, but if one or two of those new-hires doesn’t meet expectations, you’re back to the drawing board and spending more time and money on the search process.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner in tire recruiting, please schedule a consult today. Contact Tire Talent at 1-843-732-8473.

Mike Cioffi

Mike Cioffi

CEO & Founder | Tire Business Author

Being apart of the Tire industry since the start of his career, Mike Cioffi manages a recruitment team in the industry. With years of knowledge from business operations, recruiting, and running a business himself, Mike Cioffi writes in-depth content often seen on Crain Communications publications specific to the needs of the industry.


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