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How Tire Talent Recruiting is a Human Resources Best Offensive

It sounds like an easy task to undertake, but tire and industrial industry recruiting isn’t always the walk in the park you’re expecting. Hiring Managers are already tasked with so many jobs that adding one more decision to the list could be detrimental.

At Tire Talent, we remove the hiring burden from your shoulders by filling job openings as seamlessly as possible. Our goal isn’t just to find the best tire talent in your region but to supply you with long-lasting, motivated team players that are willing to put in the work to take your company to the top. We work closely with your HR department to ensure they’re lining up potential employees who will make a difference to your bottom line.

Here’s what you need to know about hooking your human resources team up with a talent recruiting specialist.

Common Tire Industry Recruiting Positions

Industrial Headhunting

When you focus on tire industry recruiting, you’ll notice a myriad of positions needing to be filled. It’s not just sales, and supervisors, there are fillable positions from bottom to top, and we can help you put reliable people in each of them. Some of the roles we commonly fill here at Tire Talent include:


Executive-level managers have a huge role to fill and that means you need the very best in the business. Tire Talent chooses only the most valuable applicants to take on our client’s upper management positions. Whether you require a Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Information Officer, or Chief Executive Officer, we can help.


It takes more than confidence to sell in the tire industry. B2B sales, especially, require experience, product knowledge, and people skills. We vet the most successful sales reps with numbers to back up their swagger.

Supply Chain

Getting your product or service to the customer is usually the number one goal of businesses in this industry. Having resourceful and knowledgeable employees in your supply chain is essential to retaining successful business flow.


Your marketing department is representing your brand to the public. Having individuals in place who not only tell your company’s story but also tell consumers why they need what you have is a crucial advertising element.


None of us would be anywhere in the tire industry without our trusty engineers. They’re the brains behind the operation, designing products, solving problems, and keeping everything in working order. Finding qualified engineers is a pain. Sorting through transcripts, calling references, and even reading reviews. With Tire Talent, the evaluation and screening process is all taken care of.

Tire industry recruiting through Tire Talent outfits your team from front or back. Some other roles we can help you fill include operations, succession planning and exempt positions.  

Benefits of Partnering with Tire Talent

Some of the benefits you receive when your HR team partners with our tire talent team include:

  • Employees Suited to Your Business’ Individual Needs – Tire Talent has a 90% above match rate, meaning, every potential employee we recommend is first matched against your idea candidate and scored. In this way, every client is guaranteed top tier applicants with skills customized to your business.
  • Competitive Pricing – Not only are our prices competitive, but they strive to save you money. Businesses spend in excess to hire and train new employees, by using tire industry recruiting services, you can use your resources in more productive ways.
  • Quality over Quantity – Unlike some recruitment agencies, our team doesn’t have an unending supply of applicants on hand. We choose to work with employees who are committed to long-term projects, are valued in their fields, and who have what it takes to succeed.
  • Contingent Search Option – A contingent search protects you from paying for unsuccessful employee searches. It also guarantees we stick with you from the moment we partner until you successfully sign a new employee.
Industrial Headhunting

Tire Talent strives to offer a seamless process; one that doesn’t disrupt your standard day-to-day. Forming a business partnership with our clients is important to us because most of our clients are long term, returning to fill various positions over time.

For quick and efficient tire industry recruiting Tire Talent has the contacts and industry knowledge to get the job done.

Tire Talent works with multiple niches within the tire and automotive industry, including farm and agriculture, trucking, off the road, and rubber and plastics. If you’re looking for a trusted partner in tire recruiting, please schedule a consultation today.

Mike Cioffi

Mike Cioffi

CEO & Founder | Tire Business author

Being apart of the Tire industry since the start of his career, Mike Cioffi manages a recruitment team in the industry. With years of knowledge from business operations, recruiting, and running a business himself, Mike Cioffi writes in-depth content often seen on Crain Communications publications specific to the needs of the industry.


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