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      Tire Industry 2023 Midyear Compensation Report!

      The team at Tire Talent has compiled a data sheet of average salaries of positions common in the tire industry. This information is free to use and a handy tool when considering the salary for that next hire! We find that the major tools that exist aren’t able to dial in on our industry’s non-hourly roles due to how niche it is. The data provided is a national average and compensation differs state-by-state.

      March 10th 2022 Tire Talent Webinar!

      We have all heard hiring is harder than ever right now. But what is the data telling us? The “new normal” may have made finding your next employee or teammate more challenging than ever before. Join Mike Cioffi, the founder of Tire Talent, as he discusses current employment trends, data from the Bureau of Labor and Statics and other key sources. By the end of the presentation you will have a better understanding of current market conditions. We will explore strategies companies can use for attracting and retaining talent in 2022 and beyond.



        2022 Employment Trends Report!

        Our Trends Report is provided, monthly, so you have a pulse on the US employment market. Having a pulse on the Tire, Rubber, Auto, and Industrial reporting metrics from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics allows you and your organization to make decisions based on data. Feel free to suggest any tweaks or specific data requests to the Tire Talent team.

          Employment Cheat Sheet!

          Our team has comprised a “cheat sheet” as a resource of what to look for in improving the process of hiring in companies in and out of the tire industry! Streamlining several tips for hiring managers and companies to take into consideration moving forward with their recruiting efforts!